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Our Identity

Golapi Inc. is the parent company of Golapi Digital, Golapi Studios and Golapi Innovation. We're a team of problem solvers that focus mainly on creating real life solutions to different digital, mechanical and social problems alike.

Our Goals

We're a team of critical thinkers that's exceptionally skilled in creating reliable solutions to new age problems. We specialize in Design, Development, Automation and Smart digital solutions across digital and print media.

Our Mission

We want to create the kind of solutions for a future we can look forward to - one that embraces diversity, inclusion, and credibility but in formats that are groundbreaking. Making peoples' lives better, one small step at a time.

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Our Values

Passionate & Flexible

We love doing what drives us, so we pursue our passion. We strive for a change, creating waves on the positive side of the social spectrum.

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We are Disruptive

We turn tides with out intel. Our voice is echoed by the voice of millions.

We are Credible

The truth is important to us, our work is trustworthy and demonstrate integrity.

We are Impactful

Our work must positively impact the lives of those it intersects with.

We are Agile

We push ourselves to move fast and not be afraid to change things up.

どの希望を求めますか || 生き甲斐 (Ikigai)

Goals and Ambitions

We're a group of passionate individuals that strive to bring change to the present world demographics. Making current technologies better and solving both social and scientific problems alike. Developing and innovating newer assistive technologies and comming up with better next gen solutions to modern day problems and eventually making people's lives a bit better one small step at a time.

Our Subsidiaries

Our affiliate Companies.


Golapi Digital

A digital marketing agency that helps you grow your Organization/brand's internet presence as well as in digital print and media.


Golapi Studios

A studio that creates passion driven illustrations and animations and videos for gaining your audiences' maximum attention.


Golapi Innovation

A creative agency that develops newer and better technologies to solve complex problems using Ai, Machine Learning & Robotics.

our projects

Latest Projects

Robots -

March, 2020

ProGrow is an agrobot that can navigate autonomously in farmlands and greenhouses and can automate various farming activities.

News/Media Website -

May, 2021

Stay informed about the topics that matter most. We untangle those confusing topics so you don't have to riddle your way out of multi page articles.

Web Design -

April 19, 2020

ProCure is a blockchain based medical app to simplify all of your appointmens and medical purchaces easy and secure.

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